We have been receiving numerous phone calls form owners questioning a solicitation letter that owners have been receiving in recent weeks. The mailing has come from The Terrain Project, an investing company seeking to purchase lots from owners in Wilderness ranches and while most likely a real company, the offers of compensation they are making to individuals are no where close to current market value of the lots. If anyone has received these letters, and wants to know what their property is really worth, please contact a local Realtor to get a real time, current value of your property.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Board member Vicki Burns who has been fielding these calls.

Thank you

Annual Fall Membership Meeting Minutes

October 29, 2021

Pres. Todd Carlson called meeting to order at 5:35 pm

Board Members Present: Todd Carlson, Sid Arola, Vicki Burns, Tom Cramer, Ralph Stewart &

Gary Boehler. Paul Drury was absent.

Minutes from the Summer Membership 2021 meeting were approved as presented and it was noted that they have been posted to the website since late July. There were copies available for those who had not read them on the website.

Members and Guests were welcomed, a sign-up sheet was passed around and everyone was asked to update their contact info if anything had changed.


Officers Report: Todd gave an update on the water tank. As everyone can see, we have a new to us, 16,800 water storage tank set up on Lot 250. It has been drained for winter and we will get the word out when it is time to fill it in the spring.

Discussion was held regarding correspondence received about a make shift bridge on Lot 483, it being an eye sore and possibly obstructing the flow of the creek. The overall opinion was that this could be reported to the Army Core of Engineers for further review as the Association does not have control over this issue.

Discussion was held regarding mobile homes/travel trailers/5th wheel trailers being left in the subdivision after the required removal date per the subdivision covenants. A motion was made and approved that a letter would be written to the lot owners advising them that they are in violation and what possible actions could be taken. Liens and fines were discussed regarding this as well.

Sec. /Tres. Report Vicki gave the financial report noting the operating checking account balance as of 10/92/21 was $23,783.31 with all bills paid to date and the legal fund balance was $7,295.97. As of today’s date, 10/29/2021, there are 315 lots that dues have been paid on.

Map sales have continued –if anyone is in need of a map the following applies: $12.00 pays for a map to be mailed in a mailing tube, $10.00 pays for a map to be folded and mailed. Maps will be available at all in person meetings as well at a price of $5.00 each.


Old Business: It was noted that there were several times this summer and early fall that the cows had gotten in the subdivision. Fence lines may need to be checked to see if a tree has fallen on the fence or how the cows are getting in. Discussion was held on adding additional fencing to the boundary of Lots 880-882. The terrain there is very difficult to get a vehicle into the area so it was decided to not pursue this at this time.

New Business: Todd appointed ballot counters to calculate the votes for the election results. To get the process started since the Nominating committee members were running late and or not available.

Discussion was held regarding the newly installed gate at the forest access between lots 874 & 824 on Routt Forest Road. Research by Vicki shows that the parcel of land which is 75’ in width and runs from the road to the forest between these two lots is owned by the Association and is NOT an Easement but is referred to in the recorded Deed as the “Easement Property”. The gate was put there by one of the lot owners to prevent vehicle traffic from using the access path which he cleared. It was unanimously voted to post signage at the access entrance regarding foot and horse traffic access only.

The Ballot Counters reported the election results: Vicki Burns, Eli Allen, & Ty Stewart were elected to the 3 board member terms of 2 years each.

There being no further business to conduct, a motion to adjourn was made and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Burns