We have been receiving numerous phone calls form owners questioning a solicitation letter that owners have been receiving in recent weeks. The mailing has come from The Terrain Project, an investing company seeking to purchase lots from owners in Wilderness ranches and while most likely a real company, the offers of compensation they are making to individuals are no where close to current market value of the lots. If anyone has received these letters, and wants to know what their property is really worth, please contact a local Realtor to get a real time, current value of your property.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Board member Vicki Burns who has been fielding these calls.

Thank you

WRLOA Annual Fall Membership Meeting

                                                October 28, 2022

  • Call to Order- Ty Stewart called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm

Approval of the Minutes from Summer membership meeting- motion was made and passed.

Report from the Officers:

* President-Elect– Ty Stewart gave Todd’s report as Todd was working out of the area

* Water tank – was drained, water tank was painted this summer; old fiberglass tank was filled in and buried over.

*  Fence line clearing: Board member Eli Allen cleared much of the perimeter fence lines, Some areas on both sides of the fence, some only on one side, access limited in some areas. This work will aid the fence contractor in getting fence maintenance done. The WR board members teamed up with a land owner and replaced a section of fence. WR LO Assoc. paid for the materials & landowner replaced the fence. This was in an area where the cows had been coming in.

* Co Road Dept. put mag Chloride on CR 38 at their expense this year, and re-graveled The entire Game Reserve Drive.

* Reminder: Close gates when entering & leaving the Reserve! We have had a few issues with cows this year, but not as many as past years. If you open it, Close it!

  * Remember if you are building or putting in a drive-way You Need a Permit From Moffat County!! Permits are less expensive than FINES!!

 * Secretary/Treasurer Report-

* Current paid membership # 386 as of 10/28/22

* Current Operating A/C bank balance $ 30,785.95 as of 9/30/22 bank statement

* Current legal Fund A/C bank balance $ 7,812.97 as of 9/30/22 bank statement

*Old Business:

* Several new letters have been sent out to owners re driveway, structure permits and structures not in compliance with sq. footage requirements per subdivision covenants. Several of the owners have made contact with the board and the building department since receiving the letters and are working with the building department to correct the issues. The board will follow up on these and other lot(s) owners and issues and keep working with the county to make head way on this problem.

*  There is a new buck & rail fence and gate installed at the access parcel on Forest Service road and signage so everyone can see this is a foot and or horse trail access to the forest.

*  Election: Vote tallying- Ty appointed 3 members to count and tally the ballots.

The election results are as follows:

Jessie Cramer received 100 votes,                  Todd Carlson received 95 votes,

Guy Whitlock received 91 votes,                    Bud Bower received 85 votes,

Patrick Gould received 23 votes,                     Todd Orr received 20 votes, and

Dave Forney received 18 votes, one write in candidate, Dale Richards received 1 vote.

* New Business-

Annual Summer meeting date was set for July 1, 2023 (First Sat in July)

An update was given on the meeting with County Commissioners regarding

enforcement of the covenants for the subdivision. County attorney is working with

the building department to set policy for fines and dollar amounts of fines for code

violations in the county which will be enforced in WR subdivision. As these policies

come into place we will pass that info on to our land owners and others as needed.


  • Letters from land-development companies wanting to buy the reserve property at a

ridiculous price- sent a response and asked to be taken off their mailing list.

  • Property owners on Quartz Place want to vacate the road due to traffic tearing up the road.

Options are to put up signage – No Outlet MoCo Road department was notified and is going

To address the issue for now.

  • Marlin with the building department came and updated the members on all of the properties

he has visited, posted notices on, or had contact with the owners regarding getting permits and

meeting building codes for current & future structures. Also advised that he was to have another

meeting with County officials to keep the process moving forward on enforcement and fines.

Marlin noted that in the past two years permits were issued for between 4-7 cabins.

  • A member discussed the lack of horse access to the access property on Forest Service Road

with the new fence and gate that was installed. A discussion was had. It was felt that a horse

could walk over the rock next to the gate but potentially not a pack horse. To be continued…

With no other business to come before the group, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Vicki Burns