Meeting Minutes

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2019

Pres. Sid Arola called meeting to order at 5:33 pm

Board Members Present: Sid Arola Pres., Tom Cramer, Vicki Burns, Sec. Treasurer, Paul Drury, & Gary Boehler, Vice Pres (by phone) and Todd Carlson (by phone) Dan Madden absent.

Minutes from the Annual Summer meeting had been emailed to all Directors for review, with one date & one symbol corrections made, the minutes were approved; the minutes will be posted to the website.

Pres. Report:

The President took the liberty of taking items out of order on the agenda to be sure all were covered.

Sid reported that there have been numerous phone calls received by several board members regarding the Owner of Lot 3 and the debris and now-wrecked truck parked on the lot. Discussion was had as to what the Land Owners Assoc. can do and what falls under the County as to authority to mandate a clean-up of the lot and or a fine to the owner regarding the subdivision covenants and the Association By-Laws. It was also mentioned that this owner is trespassing on the adjoining lot and that it has to be witnessed and reported for law enforcement to act on that issue. These issues will be brought to the attention of the county building & zoning enforcement person and to the Sheriff’s office.

It was discussed that the Board, after receiving all the information, make a statement that will be sent out to all land owners as to who has the authority to enforce which issues at the ranch.

The attorney will not be contacted until all information is compiled and a decision is made to move forward.

Sec. /Tres. Report:

Vicki reported the operating checking account balance as of 8/014/19 is $27,919.60. Legal fund balance

as of the same date is $4,795.97. There are 261 paid members to date.

Vicki reported that the Nominating committee had submitted three names of members who were willing

to have their names placed on the ballot for the upcoming election cycle to serve as Directors. Ballots will be made and sent out to all members that have paid dues up to the day they are mailed out- no later than Sept. 7th.

Old Business: Vicki did some research into prices and material types for a new entry sign, since our sign has been stolen. First of all the insurance deductible is $500.00, filing a claim will not be done. Identity Graphics gave sign material samples for the board to consider, and the same grade aluminum used for street signs was voted as the best to use. Paul will send a photo of one of the existing signs and together with the metal at $160.00 & art work would be an estimate of $35.00 to $60.00 for the same size sign that is now gone. A motion was made and passed to move forward to have a new sign in place as soon as possible.

New Business: The date for the Annual Fall meeting was set for October 18, 2019 @ 6:30 PM

This year the meeting will be held at the Ranch in hopes of having more out of town owners in for hunting season attend. The meeting will be held at Lot 826, also known as 582 Second Creek Road. (Vicki Burns’ cabin).Sid asked for any topics anyone would like discussed at the fall meeting. Both KC Hume, the Mo Co Sheriff and a Division of Wildlife officer will be invited to the meeting to answer questions members may have, and to give general information regarding several topics including what action can be taken regarding dogs running loose in the subdivision potentially threatening owners and/or their dogs, hunting issues and any other topics owners bring up.

Enforcement & options for that were again discussed and as soon as we have a response and some clarification the Board will draft a notice and get that out to everyone.

A motion was made & seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 6:31 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns



Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Annual Summer Membership Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2019

 Pres Sid called the meeting to order at 12:40 after the Pot Luck luncheon which began at noon.

Sid called for a motion to approve the minutes from the fall Membership meeting held in 2018.

It was noted that minutes had been posted to the website and Sec. Vicki read the minutes for those who had not read them. Motions passed.

 Sid welcomed all in attendance and thanked them for coming for the potluck and annual meeting. Sid reminded everyone to please sign in on the sign-up sheets and give any updated contact information.

Pres. & Pres.-Elect Reports:

Sid gave an update on a recent meeting with the Mo Co Road & Bridge department head and advised that upgrade work on Co Rd 38 will begin in mid-August this year. The use of magnesium chloride on Co Rd 38 in the subdivision will start next year for a three mile stretch from the entrance cattle guard area.

Concerns were noted from the road department regarding signs being damaged, missing road signs, driveways without permits and additional signage in the subdivision.

The association will again give the road department a map of the subdivision marked where we would like to see additional signage to help slow traffic & protect motorists.

Final fish update was given, reporting that 20 members and friends showed up and helped delivery the fish to the ponds on June 29th, a week later than originally scheduled due to the snow storm the weekend of June 22nd. In Sid’s absence Gary spear-headed the operation and all went well noting we only lost one fish in the process-a much better success ratio than in previous years.

The water tank is still holding water with no signs of leaking so this will continue to be monitored and at this time there are no plans to replace the tank as previously discussed.

Lastly, the fencing job was completed a little later than last year due to the increased amount of snow pack this year. The fencing crew helped remove a couple dozen cows that came in at a couple places before the fencing was completed, with no injuries to either man or animals.

Sec. /Tres. Report

Vicki reported that to date including the few members that paid at the or before the meeting there were  247 paid association members.

General checking account balance through June 30, 2019 was $31,406.47, and the legal fund balance balancing as of June 30, 2019 with $4,595.97. There are no major expenses due at this time. Property taxes had been paid on both Lot 250 & the hunting reserve. It was mentioned that there were maps for sale.

Vicki reported that a security firm has asked to be present at our meeting, the directors approved this and they had set up a table and brought info to share and were willing to talk to property owners regarding security services on cabins in the owner’s absence.

New Business:

It was noted that several individuals had been invited to speak at the meeting this including, Mo Co Sheriff KC Hume, Building Inspector Marlin Eckoff, and an officer from Co Division of Wildlife. For various reasons none of them were able to attend this year. They will be invited back again next year.

It was mentioned that a notice is posted to our website with some of the requirements provided by the building department regarding permits, information required for permitting and more.

Sid then asked for volunteers to fill three positions for a Nominating Committee for the upcoming election of Directors needed. There are three terms expiring so Nominating committee members will be reaching out to see who would like to serve on the board for a two-year term beginning in 2020 ending the end of 2021. Jessie Cramer, Crystal Horton, and Deb Whitlock volunteered.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted, Vicki Burns, Sec/Tres

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2019

Pres. Sid Arola called meeting to order at 5:38 pm

Board Members Present: Sid Arola Pres., Vicki Burns, and Dan Madden.

On the phone were Gary Boehler & Paul Drury. Tom Cramer had an excused absence.

Minutes from the March meeting were approved as presented and have been posted to the website.

President Report:

Sid discussed the issues brought up at the meeting with Dan Martin of Mo Co Road & Bridge department.

The discussion resulted in a consensus decision that road work including new road base is needed for most of Co Rd 38 inside the subdivision which the County has plans to work on this fall, hopefully starting in mid-August when the County has the gravel crushed and ready to use. That being the fact, WRLOA (Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association) board members agreed that waiting to add mag chloride to the 3 mile stretch of road beginning inside the cattle guard would be postponed until the road base is improved.

The issue of damaged and missing road signs was also mentioned, along with the need for more signage.

The map that was marked and given to the Co Commissioner last fall is MIA so another map marked with intersections needing signage will be developed and given to the road department as soon as access is available. Lastly, it was mentioned that there are driveways being put in without permits. These issues will brought up for further discussion at the annual summer meeting.

Sec. /Tres. Report

Vicki gave the financial report noting the operating checking account balance as of 4/24/19 was $34,810.04 and the legal fund balance was $4,395.97.

Both the general operating account & the legal fund check book balances have been balanced to the March bank statements.   As of today’s date, 4/25/19, there are 214 paid land owners.

Based on previous conversation regarding notices to be sent out, a cost analysis was given for postcards vs letters. It was agreed to send out postcards and if more info regarding issues needed it can be done in January each year with the dues notices since something could be added into the envelopes at no additional cost.

Postcards will be formatted with this year’s information and mailed out in early May for the annual summer meeting. Further discussion was held and a motion was made and passed to have the potluck luncheon held at Noon and the annual meeting to follow at 12:30. The association will again provide the meat & rolls for the potluck. The issue of sending postcards out to all land owners (approx. 600) or just dues paying members (last year approx.. 272 owners paid ) was also discussed, those present & on the phone gave their opinions and Sid will contact Tom & Todd and when a final consensus is determined, Sid will let Vicki know so she can move forward accordingly. A sample of the text will be sent for review before cards are ordered.

Follow-up After the Meeting: Cards will be sent out to all land owners per consensus.

Old Business:

Sid brought up the fact that there are only a couple of members that are familiar with how the water tank/pump operations work and asked if any board members would like to be educated on this issue. Several members said they would be interested so when Sid and others investigate the tank and its condition to fill the tank for the summer he will be contact them to be present at the time that is set up. As many board members as possible should be knowledgeable regarding this issue.

Vicki gave the update on the fish order; the fish are to be delivered June 22nd. Vicki will get last year’s list of helpers out to Sid with contact info if available so he can reach out to these individuals. It will be mentioned on the postcard if anyone is interested/available as well with Sid’s contact number listed.

New Business: The owner of lot 461 requested information to build a cabin this summer. He was given Marlin’s contact number at the building department and sent the necessary link for forms.

Dan made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded and the meeting was adjourned at 6:38 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Sec/Treasurer


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

March 27, 2019

Pres. Sid Arola called meeting to order at 5:50 pm

Board Members Present: Sid Arola Pres., Tom Cramer, and Vicki Burns

and on the phone were Gary Boehler & Paul Drury

President Report: Sid advised that he had no report for this meeting being the first meeting of 2019.

Sec. /Tres. Report

Vicki reported that the Annual report was filed with the Secretary of State and with that the Land Owners Association continues to be in good standing as a nonprofit Colorado corp.

The Permit for the fish was applied for and approved, noted was that the approximate date for stocking the ponds will be mid-June and possibly as late as the 22nd depending on road access for delivery.

The fencing job was discussed and a motion was made and seconded to hire the same company that completed the job last year. Vicki will contact them and let them know and keep them posted as to accessing the fence line. It was asked that both Paul & Sid be notified when they will be starting the job so both directors can meet with the work crew and see the fence line locations. Tom mentioned that Guy Whitlock had volunteered to use his drone to view the fence and a comment was made that it may be helpful if he could preview the fence to see where any major issues may be so the work crew could be advised.

A financial report was given noting the operating checking account balance as of 2/28/19 was $31,978.44 and the legal fund balance was $4,295.97.

Both the general operating account & the legal fund check book balances have been balanced to the February bank statements. Vicki noted there are no outstanding bills for the association.

As of today’s, date, 3/27/19, there are 193 paid land owners.

Old Business:

Sid thanked everyone for volunteering to serve as Directors and officers for the Association and noted that for the balance of all meetings an agenda will be prepared and emailed out to the board members prior to the meeting so if there are any issues/topics that need to be added everyone can be made aware in advance.

Sid reported that both he and Tom Cramer’s names have been added to the bank accounts as signatories being a new Officer & Director respectively and Guy Whitlock & Ralph Stewart’s names have been removed.

Sid asked if anyone had any new information reading the water tank repair issue and since there was no new information to be shared it was decided that as soon as possible we would get the water tank filled and move forward from there if the previous repair job is not holding. It was mentioned that both Sid and potentially Paul (since he lives at the ranch) should know how this process works, Tom has assisted Guy in the past but current directors should be knowledgeable regarding this issue.

Lastly Sid asked if anyone was aware of problems at the parking area on Co Rd 38; no one had any information to share, this is an issue we will continue to monitor. It was mentioned that there has been a considerable amount of trash left behind and that several of us have been cleaning up, the topic of possibly placing a trash can at the trail head will be considered for next year.

New Business:

The fish permit application was mentioned and we will move forward with planning a specific date for delivery when it gets closer to road accessibility, hopefully no later than mid-June. The permit called for 750 lbs of fish 9” to 14” in size to be stocked in the ponds. Lilly fisheries will again be called to get a price on the fish. They have repeatedly had the lowest price and will deliver to us on a Saturday. Vicki will follow up when the specifics are available.

The Mo Co Road & Bridge dept. has requested a meeting with a couple of the Directors to discuss the improvement of the road base on Co Rd 38 for the 3 mile stretch that the Association was willing to pay to have mag chloride applied to this year at the County’s cost for the chloride. It has been determined that the road base is not sufficient to maintain the road and applying the mag prior to some rebuilding up of the base would be a waste of our funding. A meeting will be scheduled and will be reported on after  which the board will need to make a decision regarding the findings.

Tom made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted

Vicki Burns



Items mentioned after the meeting was adjourned:

The Annual Summer meeting will be on July 6th at Lot 250 at Wilderness ranch subdivision.

A notice will again be mailed out to everyone and content will be discussed at the next Board of Director’s meeting.


Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2018

Meeting called to Order at 5:10 pm by Guy Whitlock, President

Directors Present; Guy Whitlock, Ralph Stewart, Tom Cramer, Vicki Burns,

Sid Arola, & Dan Madden; by phone Gary Boehler & Paul Drury  Absent: Ron Spencer

A motion was made and passed to approve the minutes from the Annual Fall Meeting (minutes were posted to the website). Handouts were available.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report:

Current paid members 285.

Current Operating Account balance as of 11/30/18 = $ 23,201.54

Current Legal Account Fund balance as of 11/30/18 = $ 3,995.97

It was noted that 2019 membership cards have been ordered and there are no

outstanding bills at this time.

Correspondence was reviewed: a mailing from a solar company regarding WR

leasing land for a solar farm- we did not meet the requirements to participate in this.

Old Business: Discussion was held regarding the email to owners asking permission

for hunting mountain lions on individuals land. This was a limited time issue and no further action will be taken regarding it.

New Business: Guy noted that the Directors need to elect the officers for 2019

Nominations were asked given for Sec/Tres position, nominations were then closed;

Vicki Burns was re-elected for Sec/Tres.

Nominations were asked for Vice Pres. position, nominations were then closed;

Gary Boehler was re-elected as Vice Pres.

Nominations were asked for president position, nominations were then closed;

Sid Arola was elected as President.

It was noted that new officer’s terms take effect January 1, 2019.

Vicki will schedule a time to meet with Sid and get signature cards signed for bank accounts. Tom Cramer’s name will be added for a second Director if needed, due to someone not being in town or available. Guy & Ralph’s names will be removed from the accounts.

Other Business: The issue of parking on Co Rd 38 for trucks and snow mobile trailers was discussed at length and it was decided that everyone would try and be respectful and not park on private property, but try and park on the side of the road in the easement, pick up any trash if found and hope all goes well thru the winter months.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:00 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Sec/Tres.

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Annual Fall Meeting Minutes- October 19, 2018

President Guy Whitlock called the meeting to order at 6:02 p.m.

Board members present: Guy Whitlock, Pres, Gary Boehler, Vice Pres, Ralph Stewart, Vicki Burns, Sec/Treasurer, Tom Cramer                      Absent: Paul Drury & Ron Spencer

First order of business was to establish a quorum for voting purposes. The current paid membership is 276; therefore, 27 individual lots had to be represented for there to be a quorum. A sign up sheet was passed around and after completion it was noted that there were only 11 people present representing 9 lots. Since there was a majority of the board members present, the board could conduct business of the association, but without a quorum present the membership could only take straw votes on issues.

Minutes of the summer meeting held July 7, 2018 have been posted on the website and approved as presented by the board.

President’s Report: 

Guy gave an update on the water tank issue; it was agreed by all in attendance that the issue of the patched leak needs to be addressed and permanently corrected before we move forward with the pavilion construction. The pavilion construction was tabled. Additionally, Guy mentioned that he has removed approximately 3.5′ of water from the tank to keep it from freezing.  We will need to look into re-setting the tank in the spring if it can be done with the current tank repaired- if not, then a new tank will have to be installed.

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report: 

Total number of paid members as of 10/18/18 was 276, which is slightly above the number paid for this time last year. Balance of the general operating account as of 9/30/18: $22,695.07 and the legal fund account balance: $3,795.97 with both accounts balanced to the September bank statements. The income over expenses thus far was a net gain of $7,729.66

Other Board Member Comments: 

Gary Boehler mentioned that a lot owner had approached him regarding another owner trespassing on his lot- it was discussed and decided that situations like this need to be reported to the sheriff’s department for action. Vicki reported that Don Cook, Moffat Co. Commissioner and liaison to the road and bridge department, followed up with her regarding the work shop meeting held in September. The road department will continue to treat the first 7 miles from Hwy 13 to W Ranch entrance with magnesium chloride- any disruption in doing this would result in the road condition deteriorating very rapidly. He noted that if the WR association is willing to pay for more mag-chlor treatment of any mileage within the subdivision, we would have to pay for it at approximately $2,900/mile plus it would need to be contiguous mileage. Board members and other members present all agreed that they would like to have a 3 mile stretch from the entrance cattle guard in on County Rd 38 done next spring.

Member Comments: 

Joe Tonso brought up the issue of the winter parking area for the snow mobile club and owners in WR. He advised that he will be trying to contact Stanley Peroulis with the hopes of getting something resolved, so nobody’s vehicle is towed or moved this winter. It was noted that the road is legally 90′ wide, but the road does not have a good shoulder or parking area that doesn’t belong to Peroulis, which means anyone parking in that area would be trespassing. Members present noted that it would help if the area was kept clean of debris if that was an issue. Joe also noted that the snow mobile club carries insurance, so the Peroulis ranch would be covered and not get sued if there was an issue with a member parking a vehicle within the parking areas.

New Business: 

Guy asked for members to count and tally the ballots. Jesse Cramer and Deb Whitlock volunteered to do that. The results were as follows: out of the 260 ballots mailed out, only 35 ballots were returned. Sid Arola received 35 votes, Gary Boehler 34 votes, Todd Carlson 33 votes, Dan Madden 35 votes. A motion was made to destroy the ballots after email addresses on them could be verified.

Discussion was held regarding the summer 2019 meeting. The date was set for July 6, 2019 at noon with a potluck lunch as usual to be held on Lot 250. An announcement will be posted on the website at a later date for everyone to see, as well as postcard invitations mailed out to all members.


A letter was recently received from an owner regarding the issue of several other owners running businesses out of the subdivision, and receiving revenues from these businesses. Covenants were quoted with this letter, showing that this was not to be allowed. The person who wrote and sent this letter failed to sign their name, so the board decided to table the issue since the complaining party was not willing to either be present at the meeting nor sign their letter of complaint. 

Guy then asked for any other business to come before the board. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:13 p.m.


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Workshop with Mo Co Commissioners and Road & Bridge Dept. Staff

September 4, 2018 

Board Members present: Guy Whitlock, Gary Boehler, Vicki Burns, Tom Cramer, & Ralph Stewart

Mo Co Commissioners Ray Beck & Don Cook introduced themselves as well as Road & Bridge Dept representatives Linda DeRose & Dan Martin; those present from Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association then introduced themselves and noted the lot number(s) they owned in the subdivision.

In total there were 27 members present. Commissioner Frank Moe joined the group shortly after introductions.

Road maintenance and the lack of it in some areas of the subdivision was discussed, as well as the need for more signage within the subdivision. Members were given the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding overall issues or specific areas of concerns that they personally had issues with.

Commissioner Ray Beck addressed the issue of property taxes not having a direct bearing on county services within the subdivision. There are numerous entities within the county that receive mill levy prorations from property taxes; the road and bridge department does not receive a specific amount of funds generated from property taxes, instead the state allocates funds for road and bridge departments state wide.

The Road and Bridge department receives some funding from the general fund after the taxes are disbursed to each of the other entities receiving a specific mill levy amount of money. Some of these other entities within the county include the school district, the hospital district, the college district, and the water district to name a few.

Mr. Beck went on to explain that the sheriff’s office and fire department also receive funding through property taxes. Maintenance of county roads 38 & 70 are done as is required by state statues, and other roads within the subdivision even though they are county roads are not designated like 38 & 70, therefore there is not a specific requirement that those roads receive annual maintenance. The named roads possible get bladed as much as possible, when man hours are available.

Discussion was had regarding speed limit signage being put up on Co Rd 38. In accordance with State requirement, a traffic study would be required to be done to establish an average speed before a limit sign could be posted; since it is common knowledge that numerous people driving the roads drive in excess of the state limit of 35 mph for a county road, we could end up with a higher speed limit if a traffic study was done. Since no one wants that, the discussion of speed limit signs was ended. A full-size map of the subdivision was given to the commissioners with red and yellow dots marking the roads intersecting with Co Rd 38. Some of our Board members felt these were the most important ones to receive signage- either stop or yield signs. The Commissioners and road and bridge department staff said they would look into the request and get back to us on that issue.

Discussion was had regarding the possibility of applying mag-chloride to several miles of Co Rd 38 within the subdivision, potentially on a rotating basis with the first 7 miles being Co Rd 38 directly off of Highway 13. Dan Martin, road and bridge director, advised that discontinuing application on the section of Co Rd 38 currently receiving the treatment would result in a break down of that road surface with just one year of missed treatment. The cost for the county to mag a mile of a county road was estimated to be material, labor and equipment expense of approximately $3800. +/- per mile. It was discussed that potentially Wilderness Ranch Assoc. could discuss the possibility of paying for a couple of miles of mag application where there is the most damage to the road when blading does not address the problem.

Don Cook is the Commissioner liaison to the road and bridge department and will be having a follow up meeting with that department and get back to the association with some possible solutions to some of the issues addressed at this workshop.

Guy Whitlock thanked all of the land owners for taking time out of their daily schedules and showing up for the workshop and representing the landowner’s association.

Respectfully Submitted

Vicki Burns, Sec/Treasurer