Meeting Minutes

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Dave Watson @ 5:37 pm

Board Members Present: Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart, Guy Whitlock, and Tom Cramer & by phone, Gary Boehler.

A motion was made and passed to accept the Annual meeting minutes from July 1st as presented, said minutes will be posted to the website within the next few days.

Sec./Tres. Report – Vicki reported at this time the Association has no outstanding bills to be paid and the checking account balance as of June 30, 2017 has balanced to the bank statement. The legal fund balance is $3,905.97 with one outstanding check to the new law firm of $1,590.00 for an actual balance of $2,315.97.

As of this date there are 241 paid members of the Land Owners Association. All cards have been mailed out.

It was also reported that a sample letter was previewed by the Nominating committee members and approved

and was sent out to all members in good standing to ask for members to run for one of the three board seats coming available this fall. 167 notices were mailed by US mail and the balance of the members notices were emailed out to all of the email addresses we have on file. The email list was updated at the annual meeting to be sure we had correct addresses to use. There is a date by which any members interested have to respond to one of the three committee members to be on the fall ballot.


1) Vicki reported that she contacted the Mo Co Road and Bridge Dept. as requested at the annual meeting, and a discussion was had with Linda DeRose regarding speed limit signage and some more Stop & or Yield signs to be placed on both Co roads 38 & 70 within the subdivision. We should hear something back in a week or two as to more stop & or yield signs but speed limit signs cannot be posted without a speed monitor system being used to determine the average speed being driven on the roads. This could end up with the speed limit being more than the state county road limit currently in place per the sheriff which is 35 for dirt country roads.

Dave mentioned that Commissioner Ray Beck has mentioned an interest in coming up to the area and looking at the roads and conditions to see if there is something he can further do to help the situation regarding signage & possible mag chloride. More to come on these topics as they develop.

2) Another name was provided to contact regarding getting the audit completed. As soon as there is more info on this, a firm will be selected to move forward and get that done as soon as possible.

3) Lengthy discussion was had regarding the attorney’s 7 page opinion letter we received regarding numerous issues related to the By-laws and the Association being in compliance with state statues regarding HOA’s.

A motion was made and passed to send the law firm any and all other documentation we have regarding these issues and have them advise us as to what we need to do to and draw up any necessary documents we need to complete the process.

4) The issue of getting more or updated bids for the picnic structure for Lot 250 is on hold until we have our

By-laws issues completed with the new law firm.


Dave mentioned that a member was willing to stain the storage shed if we would get the necessary supplies to get this done, a motion was made and passed for Dave to get the supplies at which ever hardware store was the least expensive and get said supplies to this member so the shed gets stained. Dave also noted that he will get the spray paint colors needed and clean up the WR signs. Remember there have been several rattle snake and bear sightings in the subdivision-keep your pets close by & warn your kids to be watchful when hiking!!!

There being no further business, the Board meeting was adjourned @ 6:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted- Vicki Burns   Sec/Tres


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Annual Summer Meeting Minutes

July 1, 2017

Prior to the Meeting the group enjoyed a pot luck luncheon with the Association providing meat and buns, and all those present shared various dishes. Good meal, great conversation, and excellent weather!!

 Meeting was called to order by Pres. Dave Watson @ 1:03 p.m.

 Introductions were made around the group and each person gave their name, lot number and how long they have owned their lot and when and if they have built their cabins.

A signup sheet was passed around and there were 52 owners (counting husbands and wives) on site with numerous guests and other family members.

Dave Watson reported on the following:

The fish purchase and stocking of the ponds and thanked everyone for their help; the trail clean up the week before to get to the ponds, thanks again for all who helped; the fence project for this year, we did not have to put up the fencing by the OVO reservoir so our expense was less than last year; fish issue on Willow Creek; mentioned several bear and rattlesnake sightings; that the Div. of Wildlife has identified 12 illegal outfitters working out of Wilderness Ranch subdivision, they will be on watch for hunting season; issues regarding people hunting from the roads and shooting into lots without permission to hunt those lots. Several of these topics were discussed in further detail.

Dave introduced KC Hume, Moffat County sheriff who gave an update on his department, some numbers and types of crimes he deals with and reminded everyone to be very careful on ATV’s & UTV’s, and if you are driving on the county roads all vehicles must be registered with the Div. of Wildlife and have current stickers for verification.

KC discussed the winter patrol his officers perform in WR during the winter months and noted if you find a card in your door it means they were checking your cabin. He also mentioned that his department is starting a mounted patrol unit, and we should see an officer in our subdivision as the season progresses. KC then took several questions from the group and thanked us for inviting him and his family again this year.

Division of Wildlife officers were unable to attend this year due to previous commitments, but asked that we mention the 2017 Hunting guides are out and available at the local Chamber of Commerce office in Craig.

Sec./Tres. Report – Vicki handed out a current P & L statement along with an asset sheet listing all of the assets of the association. It was reported that as of this date we have 237 paid land owners.

It was mentioned that the attorney we used previously from Grand Junction has retired, and the board had asked that a new law firm be found to help us deal with getting the By-laws up to date, and see what was needed to be done to bring the association into compliance with the state statues regarding HOA organizations.

This will be an ongoing task for awhile until the board receives the information needed to move forward with this task. The issue of insurance coverage was discussed, and Vicki will look into the possibility of the association trying to get coverage for cabin owners as an association to try and reduce the cost of some of the current owner’s expenses.

Wilderness Ranch received a Thank You from the NW Colorado snow mobile club for our efforts with the County Commissioners in keeping the first 2 miles of Mo Co Rd 38 plowed in the winter for owners and snowmobilers to access the area and cabins.

The issue of the association needing to do an annual audit of our books was brought up at a previous Board meeting and Vicki has contacted the accounting firms in Craig. One does not do audits at all, and the other’s starting fee was $1000.00 to $1500.00; they suggested we do an internal audit every two years and have members sit in on the audit committee. This is another issue that will need to be addressed with a By-law change.


The permanent privy is on site and the tank will be buried soon; however,  it is useable now.

Getting new bids for a covered structure was discussed, and the decision made was to continue moving forward with this project. As more information becomes available, it will be posted on the website.


A nominating committee of three people who volunteered were: Jesse Cramer, Glenda Rhoades, and Ron Spencer. A letter will be drafted and emailed out to all members whose email addresses we have, and the balance sent by US mail to all others who we only have mailing addresses for. This letter will ask for members to serve on the board of Directors. There will be three seats coming open this fall. All members in good standing (dues paid) can run for election.

It was mentioned that anyone who needs firewood can come to Lot 250 and cut the dead standing or fallen trees, and remove them with our blessing.

The owner of Lots 702 & 704 found illegal hunting stands on his property; everyone was advised if this happens to please report it to the Sheriff’s office immediately. This owner wants No Hunting on his property.

It was mentioned that we should have speed limit signs posted, at the very least on Co Rd 38 & 70 as many people are driving through the subdivision like they are on a race track. Also asking the county to consider more mag-chloride on some stretches of Co Rd 38 was mentioned. Vicki will investigate both of these items and post the findings on the website.

There being no further business, the Annual Summer meeting was adjourned @ 2:38 pm 


Respectfully submitted-

Vicki Burns   Sec/Tres


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

May 23, 2017

 Meeting was called to order by Pres. Dave Watson @ 5:35 pm

 Board Members Present: Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Tom Cramer, Ralph Stewart, Guy Whitlock, and by phone Gary Boehler and land owner member Paul Drury

 Dave asked Paul to discuss the issues to which he had questions on, and items that he questioned the board’s actions on, with regards to how the Land Owners Association Covenants and By-Laws are or are not being followed.

After a general discussion was had, it was agreed that the Board would take a list of questions to the new law firm that is being consulted with to get clarification on the different items discussed.

It was noted that a law firm that specializes in Home Owners Association law has been contacted and the Board agreed to spend the money needed to see how, and if, the By-laws and Covenants can be updated to be more specific and clear to all land owners on specific issues of concern.

 Some of the items in questions are as follows:

  • How can we change and update the By-laws
  • Who is considered a member of the Association
  • Would signage at the hunting reserve and easement satisfy the deed requirement that the association not allow motorized vehicles on these parcels of land
  • Can dues be made mandatory for all land owners within the Wilderness Ranch Sub
  • Does the Land Owners Association qualify to file an abatement to not have to pay taxes on the land it owns
  • Clarify By-Laws regarding date dues are due relative to election timing
  • Wording on back of Membership card regarding members having to be present to allow family & or friends to be on hunting reserve for fishing
  • Are the recorded documents current, or if changes have been made can they be enforced with having a new document recorded
  • Can the Board of Directors meet without notice to all members
  • Clarification on Paragraph 3 of the Covenants regarding structures- what is it referring to and what limits is it trying to establish

 It was noted that the By-laws call for annual audits, and it was discussed that the Association most likely cannot afford an annual audit, but since there has not been one done since any of the current board members were elected it was decided to contact the local accounting firms, get a bid and have an audit done, hopefully having it completed prior to the July 1st annual meeting.

 In general, everyone agreed that the By-laws and some of the Covenants were poorly written for the current needs and use of land owners and the Association, and having legal counsel review them and advise the Board on what can be brought up to date and corrected where necessary is important to all.

 There being no further business, the Board meeting was adjourned @ 6:30 pm

 Respectfully submitted-

Vicki Burns  



Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association- Board Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2017

Meeting was called to order by President Dave Watson @ 5:36 p.m.

Board Members Present: Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Tom Cramer, Ralph Stewart, Guy Whitlock, and via telephone, Gary Boehler

Secretary/Treasurer Report- Vicki reported at this time the Assn. has no outstanding bills to be paid. Checking account has been balanced to the bank statement through April 10, 2017. General account balance: $24,037.48  Legal account balance: $3,705.97


A) Wording of the annual meeting postcard was discussed and agreed upon. 250 postcards will be ordered from Vistaprint and will be addressed and mailed out the third week of May to all landowners whose 2017 dues have been paid. Anyone paying dues after the mail out, but before the annual July meeting will also receive a postcard.

B) Four (4) bids were received for standing up the lay down perimeter fencing, and all bids were reviewed. A motion was made and passed after discussion to accept the lowest bid for the job. A letter or email will be sent to the other 3 bidders, thanking them for their bids and letting them know the winning bid details.


The Board received a letter from landowner Paul Drury/Tall Paul LLC regarding a request to meet with the Board to discuss several issues he has with the Landowners Covenants and By-Laws, and how they are being followed. Additionally, he requested that the board attorney be present to address legal concerns he has. After discussion, it was agreed that the board could meet on May 23, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m. Paul has been notified, and has confirmed his availability for that date/time. It was discussed, and an attorney who specializes in HOA law will be contacted and clarification will be asked for on several of the issues in question. The board agreed not to spend money on having an attorney present at this meeting, or the annual summer meeting, due to the cost of doing so.


Vicki reported that we currently have 217 paid members to date for 2017. Depending on the number of actual members paid by June 30, 2017, we will need 10% of the total paid members to have a quorum for voting purposes at our annual summer meeting. Currently, that would be 22 members needed to attend and vote.

Copies of our fall meeting minutes are now on the website. The meeting agenda for our annual summer meeting on July 1, 2017 will be on the website within the next few weeks.

We have received our annual real property valuation notices from the assessor’s office and the hunting reserve land increased in value by $775. Lot 250 value remained the same.

There being no further business, the board meeting was adjourned at 7:02 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Secretary/Treasurer