Meeting Minutes

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2018

Pres. Guy Whitlock called meeting to order at 5:37 pm

Board Members Present: Guy Whitlock, Pres., Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart,

Vicki Burns, Sec. Tres., and on the phone were Gary Boehler & Paul Drury

Sec. /Tres. Report Vicki reported the operating checking account balance as of 3/31/18 was $28,244.11 and the legal fund balance was $3,195.97, with both balanced to the March bank statements.

Additionally, reported that as of  4/11/18 there are 220 paid land owners.

Correspondence received included a note from one land owner who noted that he was not paying his dues for the year due to the fact that he didn’t think the association should be fencing out the local livestock and he didn’t support the fire mitigation project of a 12,000-gallon water tank on lot 250. A reason he noted was that if there was a fire in his words a cabin would likely be burnt to the ground in the first five or so minutes and there would be not enough time for the water to be retrieved and or used. The board discussed his comments and Pres. Guy will respond to the land owner and give him the additional information he is missing regarding the fire mitigation project that the association partnered with the BLM and Dept. of Parks & Wildlife to develop to protect property including the forest from fires.

Vicki also noted we are waiting for the permit from the State to be able to order the fish for this years’ stocking of the ponds. Liley Fishery, after checking prices around the state, is still our least expensive source, and when the permit arrives we will move forward ordering the fish. It was decided to ask for the delivery to take place the 3rd Saturday in June. Along those same lines, the trails will be checked and cleared either the first or second Saturday of June. Board members will take care of this project. Guy willpost information on the website so anyone interested in helping will know the date and time.

Lastly Vicki mentioned the ad has been placed with the Daily Press for bids to put the lay down fence back up and complete any repairs needed. The ad will run every Friday for the month of April. Bids are due by May 1, 2018.

Old Business: Guy reported that he responded to a letter regarding the final reporting process with the BLM on the fire mitigation project. All paperwork is complete and recorded with the state office.

With Dave’s passing it created an opening on the Board of Directors, Tom Cramer was recommended to fill that position and an unofficial vote was taken via email, with all present at this meeting an official vote was taken and passed unanimously to have Tom fill the balance of Dave’s two year term.

New Business:

Guy discussed and asked for comments on a letter received from the BLM regarding a study being done on the use of trails and roads within a certain area on BLM lands. Paul commented that he as a land owner whose land borders BLM lands received the same letter requesting input on the study. Guy will mail in the card provided to be kept informed as to study process. Paul was also mailing his card back as well.

Guy mentioned that he is in the process of updating some of the features of the website to make it more user friendly for everyone, adding a few more tabs for clarification for members to find dates of events and meeting minutes, to mention a few.

The Summer meeting was discussed, and as a result either a detailed post card mailing or a single sheet of paper tri-folded with labels will be sent out to all land owners in Wilderness Ranch, instead of to just those paid association members. This will be done to try and get more land owners who are not current or returning members to join the ranks. An invitation to the luncheon will be included in the text, but a statement mentioning that if 2018 dues are not paid, a land owner will not be able to vote on any issues brought up for a vote at the meeting. The date for the Annual Summer meeting is set for July 7, 2018 at Lot 250; potluck lunch will start noon with the meeting to follow at 1:00. The Association will again provide the meat and rolls and bottled water, with members bringing side dishes to share. A motion was made & passed for the Association to provide the noted items. Guest speakers have yet to be determined.

The Fall meeting was also discussed, with Paul suggesting that we use a similar venue for that meeting- a luncheon and meeting to follow. His reasoning was that different owners attend each meeting and we should provide a similar platform for all meetings for the members. Discussion was had and it was decided that we would post a notice on the website asking for input from all the members as to the venue for the Fall meeting. We will proceed when we have a consensus from the members. That info will also then be posted on the website.

Guy brought up the topic of moving forward with the building of the picnic shelter on lot 250 and noted it would be a nice gesture if we did this in memory of Dave Watson. Discussion was had and resulted in a motion being made to move forward with getting bids and a design and bringing it back to the board. Motion passed.

Other items brought up for discussion were a possible membership drive; the use of a PayPal account or something similar for collecting dues, the cost of such service, and another type of credit card type process that Gary has had experience with. Gary will forward info so this can be checked out to see if it would work for the association.

Paul asked if Dave’s name was still noted as the registered agent for the Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association with the Sec of State’s office, and Vicki responded that it was changed to her name when she became Sec. Tres. although notices are still being received by Linda Watson and Roy McAnally; Vicki has been filing the necessary reports for the Association.

Paul brought up that the meeting minutes from January were not approved during the meeting and that there had been a discussion left out of the minutes. The approval of the Jan. meeting minutes will be addressed at the next meeting when these minutes will also be up for approval, and all can be corrected at that time.

Guy asked for any other business to come before the Board; there being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 6:52 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns



Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 29, 2018

Pres. Dave Watson called meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.

Board members present: Dave Watson, Guy Whitlock, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart

Gary Boehler & Paul Drury were present by telephone

Due to Dave being on oxygen and not feeling well, Vicki ran the meeting.

A motion to approve the annual fall meeting minutes was made and seconded. After clarification regarding approving the minutes, the motion passed.

Sec/Treasurer Report: A financial report noted the operating account balance as of 12/31/17 was $16,736.53 and the legal fund account balance was $2,795.97. Both accounts have been balanced to the December bank statements. Vicki noted there were no outstanding bills for the association. As of 12/31/17 there were 274 paid landowners.

The general meeting was adjourned to hold the election of officers. Election meeting was called to order. Nominations for the floor were made to elect guy Whitlock as President, Gary Boehler as President Elect, and Vicki Burns as Sec/Treasurer for the year 2018. Each motion was seconded. Each director was asked if they would continue to serve in the capacity nominated and each director agreed. Dave motioned to close the nominations, and each motion passed.

Sec/Treasurer will set up a date and time to have the new President meet at the bank in order to add his name to the checking accounts.

Election meeting was adjourned and the general meeting resumed.

New Business: The fish permit application was mentioned and it needs to be sent into the state in early March. Then, the fish can be ordered from Liley Fisheries, as they have always had the lowest price and will deliver on a Saturday. Delivery date is to be determined, but hopefully not later than mid-June.

An ad will be placed again in the Craig Press to request fencing bids to stand up and repair the perimeter fencing. The end of March was suggested to place the ad in the paper.

The date for the annual summer meeting was set for July 7, 2018 on Lot 250. The pot luck lunch will start around noon with the meeting to follow. The association will again provide the meat and rolls, with members bringing side dishes to share. Guest speakers for the meeting will be determined at a later date.

Guy thanked everyone for their attendance and, there being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Sec/Treas.


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Assn

Annual Fall Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2017

Pres. Dave Watson called meeting to order at 6:43 p.m.

Board Members present: Dave Watson, President, Guy Whitlock, & Vicki Burns

Board members with excused absences due to scheduling conflicts were Tom Cramer & Ralph Stewart


Dave asked that everyone in attendance introduce themselves and note what lot they owned.

Dave appointed two members to tally the ballots for the election of new board members.

There were three seats up for election and three candidates- thus, all three members were elected.

These three members are Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, and Paul Drury- each will serve a two year term.

A motion to approve the Annual Summer Meeting minutes was made, but due to a lack of a quorum, the minutes will be approved at the 2018 Annual Summer Meeting.

Sec/Treas. Report- A financial report was handed out. The 2nd page of the report showed in detail the repairs and maintenance line items for the year.

Both the general operating account and the legal fund account have been balanced to the September bank statements. Vicki noted there were no outstanding bills due for the association.

It was noted that as of 9/20/17, there were 270 lot owners that had paid their dues for 2017.

Old Business

An update was given on the responses received from the HOA attorney the board hired. The attorney was hired to bring our By-Laws into compliance with state CCIOA guidelines and requirements to make the necessary By-Laws corrections needed to remove inconsistencies, along with missing details that currently exist.

The attorney, Suzanne Leff, responded to numerous questions presented to her by board members.

Per legal counsel advisement, the board agreed to have the attorney draft a resolution for adoption addressing the issues noted, along with the following issues:

  • Date dues are due and the term for which that covers- Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 of each year
  • Terms of each board member- 2 years
  • Correct number of total board members- seven (7)
  • The number of each board members elected each year- 3 in odd numbered years, and 4 in even numbered years
  • A policy for replacing a board member when (if) they resign or pass away, OR if a case may present itself that a board member has been found to be in violation of the By-Laws of the Association or the covenants of the subdivision, and has had ample time to correct such violation, but ignores or refuses to do so. In this case, the current board will appoint an owner in good standing to fulfill the remaining term of the board member who has resigned or passed away, or for whatever other reason cannot complete the term to which he/she was elected.
  • Set dates for Annual Summer & Fall Meetings- the summer meeting to be held the first Saturday in July, and the fall meeting date will vary according to hunting season dates, but will generally fall on a Saturday in early October
  • Notices for annual meetings to be mailed out by USPO- ballots for each year’s election to be mailed out by USPO, fall meeting notice and election ballot can be in one mailing to save the expenses of 2 mailings. Meeting notice can be a separate page from the ballot, if desired.

Discussion was also had on the following items:

Ongoing issues of illegal guide and outfitting within the subdivision boundaries

Ongoing issues of owners building cabins that don’t meet minimum square footage requirements

Ongoing issues with owners not getting proper permits for driveways or building structures

New Business

A presentation was made by Rick Henderson, a Biologist with the National Forest Service. Rick spoke about the fish testing and research of the fish species and population over the past few years in our creeks and streams, as well as the reasons why there are certain types of fish allowed in Willow Creek, located above County Rd 38.

The Division of Wildlife officers who were invited to the meeting could not attend, due to our meeting date conflicting with the opening day of a hunting season.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Secretary/Treasurer Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board Meeting Minutes

July 19, 2017

Meeting was called to order by Pres. Dave Watson @ 5:37 pm

Board Members Present: Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart, Guy Whitlock, and Tom Cramer & by phone, Gary Boehler.

A motion was made and passed to accept the Annual meeting minutes from July 1st as presented, said minutes will be posted to the website within the next few days.

Sec./Tres. Report – Vicki reported at this time the Association has no outstanding bills to be paid and the checking account balance as of June 30, 2017 has balanced to the bank statement. The legal fund balance is $3,905.97 with one outstanding check to the new law firm of $1,590.00 for an actual balance of $2,315.97.

As of this date there are 241 paid members of the Land Owners Association. All cards have been mailed out.

It was also reported that a sample letter was previewed by the Nominating committee members and approved

and was sent out to all members in good standing to ask for members to run for one of the three board seats coming available this fall. 167 notices were mailed by US mail and the balance of the members notices were emailed out to all of the email addresses we have on file. The email list was updated at the annual meeting to be sure we had correct addresses to use. There is a date by which any members interested have to respond to one of the three committee members to be on the fall ballot.


1) Vicki reported that she contacted the Mo Co Road and Bridge Dept. as requested at the annual meeting, and a discussion was had with Linda DeRose regarding speed limit signage and some more Stop & or Yield signs to be placed on both Co roads 38 & 70 within the subdivision. We should hear something back in a week or two as to more stop & or yield signs but speed limit signs cannot be posted without a speed monitor system being used to determine the average speed being driven on the roads. This could end up with the speed limit being more than the state county road limit currently in place per the sheriff which is 35 for dirt country roads.

Dave mentioned that Commissioner Ray Beck has mentioned an interest in coming up to the area and looking at the roads and conditions to see if there is something he can further do to help the situation regarding signage & possible mag chloride. More to come on these topics as they develop.

2) Another name was provided to contact regarding getting the audit completed. As soon as there is more info on this, a firm will be selected to move forward and get that done as soon as possible.

3) Lengthy discussion was had regarding the attorney’s 7 page opinion letter we received regarding numerous issues related to the By-laws and the Association being in compliance with state statues regarding HOA’s.

A motion was made and passed to send the law firm any and all other documentation we have regarding these issues and have them advise us as to what we need to do to and draw up any necessary documents we need to complete the process.

4) The issue of getting more or updated bids for the picnic structure for Lot 250 is on hold until we have our

By-laws issues completed with the new law firm.


Dave mentioned that a member was willing to stain the storage shed if we would get the necessary supplies to get this done, a motion was made and passed for Dave to get the supplies at which ever hardware store was the least expensive and get said supplies to this member so the shed gets stained. Dave also noted that he will get the spray paint colors needed and clean up the WR signs. Remember there have been several rattle snake and bear sightings in the subdivision-keep your pets close by & warn your kids to be watchful when hiking!!!

There being no further business, the Board meeting was adjourned @ 6:51 p.m.

Respectfully submitted- Vicki Burns   Sec/Tres