Meeting Minutes

Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Workshop with Mo Co Commissioners and Road & Bridge Dept. Staff

September 4, 2018 

Board Members present: Guy Whitlock, Gary Boehler, Vicki Burns, Tom Cramer, & Ralph Stewart

Mo Co Commissioners Ray Beck & Don Cook introduced themselves as well as Road & Bridge Dept representatives Linda DeRose & Dan Martin; those present from Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association then introduced themselves and noted the lot number(s) they owned in the subdivision.

In total there were 27 members present. Commissioner Frank Moe joined the group shortly after introductions.

Road maintenance and the lack of it in some areas of the subdivision was discussed, as well as the need for more signage within the subdivision. Members were given the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding overall issues or specific areas of concerns that they personally had issues with.

Commissioner Ray Beck addressed the issue of property taxes not having a direct bearing on county services within the subdivision. There are numerous entities within the county that receive mill levy prorations from property taxes; the road and bridge department does not receive a specific amount of funds generated from property taxes, instead the state allocates funds for road and bridge departments state wide.

The Road and Bridge department receives some funding from the general fund after the taxes are disbursed to each of the other entities receiving a specific mill levy amount of money. Some of these other entities within the county include the school district, the hospital district, the college district, and the water district to name a few.

Mr. Beck went on to explain that the sheriff’s office and fire department also receive funding through property taxes. Maintenance of county roads 38 & 70 are done as is required by state statues, and other roads within the subdivision even though they are county roads are not designated like 38 & 70, therefore there is not a specific requirement that those roads receive annual maintenance. The named roads possible get bladed as much as possible, when man hours are available.

Discussion was had regarding speed limit signage being put up on Co Rd 38. In accordance with State requirement, a traffic study would be required to be done to establish an average speed before a limit sign could be posted; since it is common knowledge that numerous people driving the roads drive in excess of the state limit of 35 mph for a county road, we could end up with a higher speed limit if a traffic study was done. Since no one wants that, the discussion of speed limit signs was ended. A full-size map of the subdivision was given to the commissioners with red and yellow dots marking the roads intersecting with Co Rd 38. Some of our Board members felt these were the most important ones to receive signage- either stop or yield signs. The Commissioners and road and bridge department staff said they would look into the request and get back to us on that issue.

Discussion was had regarding the possibility of applying mag-chloride to several miles of Co Rd 38 within the subdivision, potentially on a rotating basis with the first 7 miles being Co Rd 38 directly off of Highway 13. Dan Martin, road and bridge director, advised that discontinuing application on the section of Co Rd 38 currently receiving the treatment would result in a break down of that road surface with just one year of missed treatment. The cost for the county to mag a mile of a county road was estimated to be material, labor and equipment expense of approximately $3800. +/- per mile. It was discussed that potentially Wilderness Ranch Assoc. could discuss the possibility of paying for a couple of miles of mag application where there is the most damage to the road when blading does not address the problem.

Don Cook is the Commissioner liaison to the road and bridge department and will be having a follow up meeting with that department and get back to the association with some possible solutions to some of the issues addressed at this workshop.

Guy Whitlock thanked all of the land owners for taking time out of their daily schedules and showing up for the workshop and representing the landowner’s association.

Respectfully Submitted

Vicki Burns, Sec/Treasurer


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2018


Pres. Guy Whitlock called meeting to order at 5:39 p.m.

Board Members Present: Guy Whitlock, Pres., Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart, Tom Cramer,

Vicki Burns, Sec. Treasurer, Paul Drury, & Gary Boehler, Vice Pres (by phone)


Minutes from the Annual Summer meeting had been emailed to all Directors for review, with there being no additions or corrections; the minutes will be posted to the website.


Pres. Report:

Guy reported that after having checked the fire mitigation water tank and finding a major 5’ crack in it,

and trying to repair said crack without luck, that he had located a person with a used oil field tank that the association could purchase for $1,000. This person would deliver the new used tank, dig up the current tank, bury the new used tank and provide the necessary sand & gravel to adequately support the tank to prevent any future problems with the tank. The estimate for all of this was between $5,000 and $6,000. Additionally, the association would have to have a welder to cut a manhole in the new tank, as well as the necessary holes for water hose access in the future. The estimate for this was about $1,000.

A motion was made and seconded to move forward with the purchase of the new used tank and have the gentleman deliver it, remove the old tank and bury the new tank while providing all the necessary materials needed for the job, at a price not exceed $6,500. Motion passed.

A motion was made and seconded to spend up to $2,000 for all needed welding to be done to the new tank. Motion passed. Guy reported that he will contact the individual and get the process started.


Sec. /Tres. Report:

Vicki reported the operating checking account balance as of 8/02/18 was $22,692.56.

Vicki reported that the Nominating committee had submitted three names of members who were willing to have their names placed on the ballot for the upcoming election cycle to serve as Directors.

The board members were all asked to see if we couldn’t get at least one more person to agree to serve, so we would have four members to fill the four upcoming seats on the board.

Old Business: At this time there was no old business discussed.

New Business: There was no new business brought up for discussion.

A motion was made & seconded and passed to adjourn the meeting at 5:57 pm


Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

July 07, 2018


Pres. Guy Whitlock called meeting to order at 1:10 pm


Board Members Present: Guy Whitlock, Pres., Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart Vice Pres.,

Vicki Burns, Sec. Tres., Gary Boehler & Paul Drury


First order of business was to approve the minutes from 7/1/17 Annual Summer meeting and 10/20/17

Annual Fall meeting- Pres. Guy noted that both sets of minutes have been posted to the web site and there were copies of the Fall meeting minutes available if anyone needed to look them over before a motion was entertained. With no one asking for a copy of the minutes, a motion was made, seconded and the vote taken to approve both sets of meeting minutes.

Pres. Report:

Guy reported that the lay down fence had been completely put up;

that the fish were delivered and the ponds stocked and thanked all of those (21 members, family & friends that helped). Guy discussed moving forward with the building of the pavilion on lot 250, with the next step being to get bids, Marlin Eckhoff, the County Building Inspector gave everyone an idea of what the pavilion would look like and said he would look to see if he had a copy of what had been drafted as drawings and get them to Guy. He also noted that he is willing to work with the Association for the permitting process.

Guest Speakers: Marlin Eckhoff, County Building Inspector gave a brief overview of the types of foundations allowed and fielded a few questions regarding several issues, including foundation and structures permitted per the covenants and building codes. His contact number is: 970-826-2036 or 970-326-3645.

Johnathan Lambert, CO Division of Parks & Wildlife officer presented general info on hunting rules and what to do if anyone witnessed individuals hunting from the roads, and  discussed the mandatory testing this year for CWD on all buck mule deer harvested. He fielded questions on where testing may be available and depending on what type of a mount a hunter may decide on, what will be needed in the way of samples to be taken for testing. Johnathan left his card for anyone who had more questions in the future.

His contact number is: 970-942-8270.

Both gentleman were thanked for being at the annul meeting and thanked the Association for the invitation and the opportunity to attend.


Sec. /Tres. Report:

Total numbers of members who had paid dues to date 6/30/18 was 260, which is slightly above the number for this time last year.   

Vicki reported the operating checking account balance as of 6/30/18 was $22,244.11 and

the legal fund balance was $3,195.97 with both balanced to the June bank statements.

The income over expenses thus far was a net gain of $6,503.66.

It was reported that 5 lot owners had submitted building plans. All were approved based on the covenant requirements, and passed on to the County building department for permits to be issued when the owners were ready to apply for them. To date, 4 permits had been applied for and received for building new cabins within the subdivision.


Nominating Committee: Guy asked for three volunteers to be the Nominating committee for this years recruiting process, to fill the four director seats coming up for election. The following individuals agreed to fill the positions of the Nominating Committee: Jesse Cramer, Katie Lieier, and Crystal Horton. The secretary will provide names and contact info for members in good standing, so they can secure at least four Candidates to fill the positions. Each position is a two-year position. The committee will have until July 30, 2018 to submit names to be verified by the Sec. for the Fall election, at which time ballots will be drafted and mailed with a 30 day return date to be counted, and election results will be posted on the website once all candidates have been notified of the results.



Old Business: Road maintenance and the lack of it was again discussed. Owners and Board members will attempt to go to Co Commissioner meetings and bring this issue up once again, as well as the need for better signage on Co Rd 38. Everyone was encouraged to contact the commissioners and road and bridge department and voice their disapproval of these issues. Guy was asked to post the Commissioners contact info on the website, with phone numbers and email addresses. It was noted that Moffat Co Search and Rescue is providing a bench to be placed at the top of the trail on the reserve in memory of Dave Watson.

Discussion was had regarding the Reverse 911 program through the Sheriff’s department, and it was agreed that information and instructions on how to sign up will be posted on the website.


New Business:

Guy mentioned that he has been updating some of the features of the website to make it more user friendly for everyone, and asked if anyone had any ideas to make it even better, please contact him.


Vicki asked everyone who had signed in for the meeting to give their permission for her to add their names to a petition to be presented to the County Commissioners regarding road maintenance and signage for Co Rd 38. A motion was made and passed. Vicki will work with other board members regarding the content for the petition.


Guy thanked everyone for coming and bringing food to share.

Guy then asked for any other business to come before the Board. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 2:04 pm


Respectfully Submitted

Vicki Burns



Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2018

Pres. Guy Whitlock called meeting to order at 5:37 pm

Board Members Present: Guy Whitlock, Pres., Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart,

Vicki Burns, Sec. Tres., and on the phone were Gary Boehler & Paul Drury

Sec. /Tres. Report Vicki reported the operating checking account balance as of 3/31/18 was $28,244.11 and the legal fund balance was $3,195.97, with both balanced to the March bank statements.

Additionally, reported that as of  4/11/18 there are 220 paid land owners.

Correspondence received included a note from one land owner who noted that he was not paying his dues for the year due to the fact that he didn’t think the association should be fencing out the local livestock and he didn’t support the fire mitigation project of a 12,000-gallon water tank on lot 250. A reason he noted was that if there was a fire in his words a cabin would likely be burnt to the ground in the first five or so minutes and there would be not enough time for the water to be retrieved and or used. The board discussed his comments and Pres. Guy will respond to the land owner and give him the additional information he is missing regarding the fire mitigation project that the association partnered with the BLM and Dept. of Parks & Wildlife to develop to protect property including the forest from fires.

Vicki also noted we are waiting for the permit from the State to be able to order the fish for this years’ stocking of the ponds. Liley Fishery, after checking prices around the state, is still our least expensive source, and when the permit arrives we will move forward ordering the fish. It was decided to ask for the delivery to take place the 3rd Saturday in June. Along those same lines, the trails will be checked and cleared either the first or second Saturday of June. Board members will take care of this project. Guy willpost information on the website so anyone interested in helping will know the date and time.

Lastly Vicki mentioned the ad has been placed with the Daily Press for bids to put the lay down fence back up and complete any repairs needed. The ad will run every Friday for the month of April. Bids are due by May 1, 2018.

Old Business: Guy reported that he responded to a letter regarding the final reporting process with the BLM on the fire mitigation project. All paperwork is complete and recorded with the state office.

With Dave’s passing it created an opening on the Board of Directors, Tom Cramer was recommended to fill that position and an unofficial vote was taken via email, with all present at this meeting an official vote was taken and passed unanimously to have Tom fill the balance of Dave’s two year term.

New Business:

Guy discussed and asked for comments on a letter received from the BLM regarding a study being done on the use of trails and roads within a certain area on BLM lands. Paul commented that he as a land owner whose land borders BLM lands received the same letter requesting input on the study. Guy will mail in the card provided to be kept informed as to study process. Paul was also mailing his card back as well.

Guy mentioned that he is in the process of updating some of the features of the website to make it more user friendly for everyone, adding a few more tabs for clarification for members to find dates of events and meeting minutes, to mention a few.

The Summer meeting was discussed, and as a result either a detailed post card mailing or a single sheet of paper tri-folded with labels will be sent out to all land owners in Wilderness Ranch, instead of to just those paid association members. This will be done to try and get more land owners who are not current or returning members to join the ranks. An invitation to the luncheon will be included in the text, but a statement mentioning that if 2018 dues are not paid, a land owner will not be able to vote on any issues brought up for a vote at the meeting. The date for the Annual Summer meeting is set for July 7, 2018 at Lot 250; potluck lunch will start noon with the meeting to follow at 1:00. The Association will again provide the meat and rolls and bottled water, with members bringing side dishes to share. A motion was made & passed for the Association to provide the noted items. Guest speakers have yet to be determined.

The Fall meeting was also discussed, with Paul suggesting that we use a similar venue for that meeting- a luncheon and meeting to follow. His reasoning was that different owners attend each meeting and we should provide a similar platform for all meetings for the members. Discussion was had and it was decided that we would post a notice on the website asking for input from all the members as to the venue for the Fall meeting. We will proceed when we have a consensus from the members. That info will also then be posted on the website.

Guy brought up the topic of moving forward with the building of the picnic shelter on lot 250 and noted it would be a nice gesture if we did this in memory of Dave Watson. Discussion was had and resulted in a motion being made to move forward with getting bids and a design and bringing it back to the board. Motion passed.

Other items brought up for discussion were a possible membership drive; the use of a PayPal account or something similar for collecting dues, the cost of such service, and another type of credit card type process that Gary has had experience with. Gary will forward info so this can be checked out to see if it would work for the association.

Paul asked if Dave’s name was still noted as the registered agent for the Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association with the Sec of State’s office, and Vicki responded that it was changed to her name when she became Sec. Tres. although notices are still being received by Linda Watson and Roy McAnally; Vicki has been filing the necessary reports for the Association.

Paul brought up that the meeting minutes from January were not approved during the meeting and that there had been a discussion left out of the minutes. The approval of the Jan. meeting minutes will be addressed at the next meeting when these minutes will also be up for approval, and all can be corrected at that time.

Guy asked for any other business to come before the Board; there being no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 6:52 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns



Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 29, 2018

Pres. Dave Watson called meeting to order at 6:12 p.m.

Board members present: Dave Watson, Guy Whitlock, Vicki Burns, Ron Spencer, Ralph Stewart

Gary Boehler & Paul Drury were present by telephone

Due to Dave being on oxygen and not feeling well, Vicki ran the meeting.

A motion to approve the annual fall meeting minutes was made and seconded. After clarification regarding approving the minutes, the motion passed.

Sec/Treasurer Report: A financial report noted the operating account balance as of 12/31/17 was $16,736.53 and the legal fund account balance was $2,795.97. Both accounts have been balanced to the December bank statements. Vicki noted there were no outstanding bills for the association. As of 12/31/17 there were 274 paid landowners.

The general meeting was adjourned to hold the election of officers. Election meeting was called to order. Nominations for the floor were made to elect guy Whitlock as President, Gary Boehler as President Elect, and Vicki Burns as Sec/Treasurer for the year 2018. Each motion was seconded. Each director was asked if they would continue to serve in the capacity nominated and each director agreed. Dave motioned to close the nominations, and each motion passed.

Sec/Treasurer will set up a date and time to have the new President meet at the bank in order to add his name to the checking accounts.

Election meeting was adjourned and the general meeting resumed.

New Business: The fish permit application was mentioned and it needs to be sent into the state in early March. Then, the fish can be ordered from Liley Fisheries, as they have always had the lowest price and will deliver on a Saturday. Delivery date is to be determined, but hopefully not later than mid-June.

An ad will be placed again in the Craig Press to request fencing bids to stand up and repair the perimeter fencing. The end of March was suggested to place the ad in the paper.

The date for the annual summer meeting was set for July 7, 2018 on Lot 250. The pot luck lunch will start around noon with the meeting to follow. The association will again provide the meat and rolls, with members bringing side dishes to share. Guest speakers for the meeting will be determined at a later date.

Guy thanked everyone for their attendance and, there being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Sec/Treas.