2016 Annual Dues Notices were mailed out to all land owners in the Wilderness Ranch Subdivision. When your dues payments are received, we will send out to each lot owner 2 Land Owner Membership cards. If there are more than two owners, each owner will receive one card. Please send that information with your payment. Cards will be sent to the address of record for each lot, but if you wish the cards to be sent to another address, please note that address on or with your payment so we may send them where you would like to receive them.

Please Note: Annual Dues have NOT gone up - They remain at $75.00 per year.

Keep in mind that only dues paying land owners have the Right and Privilege to Hunt on the Private Hunting Reserve and Fish in the stocked Ponds. If a land owner has not paid his/her dues, they can be subject to trespass and could be ticketed and fined.


Click here to download the WR Architectural Review Approval Form

~~Members and Land Owners:

There have been several incidents where people have been hunting from the roads in Wilderness Ranch Subdivision this year and firing guns at animals from truck windows
into open fields or treed lots. It is not known if these hunters had permission to hunt on private property or not; what is known is that Colorado Statutes do not allow for hunting from any public road. All of the roads in Wilderness Ranch are County roads, therefore it is against the law to hunt from a road within the Wilderness Ranch Subdivision. Hunting is allowed 50' from the centerline of a public road which would put a hunter into and on private property. If an individual does not have permission to hunt on private property, that person can be ticketed and fined by a Division of Wildlife officer.

A board member went to the County Commissioners to ask for and received permission to post signage at all three of the entrances to Wilderness Ranch Subdivision.
The newly posted signs read as follows in Bold  Red Lettering:


A special Thank You to the land owner association member who brought this issue to our attention. It is our hope that these signs will deter hunters from breaking the law and help keep people safe in our Subdivision.

Wilderness Ranch is a unique and one of the most desired locations in Northwestern Colorado. Not only is this a great place for your custom mountain getaway, it is the perfect "jumping off point" to the BLM and National Forest public lands bordering Wilderness Ranch. You will enjoy endless views of some of the most beautiful country the world has to offer. Wilderness Ranch Reserve is available to all members in good standing and will provide the privacy you desire in the mountains, as well as immediate access to the vast recreational opportunities that Colorado is famous for. The covenants are written to be favorable to the recreational owner.

Located about 30 miles North and East of Craig, Colorado, Wilderness Ranch is located in one of the best recreational areas in the state. Whether you prefer big game hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, snowmobiling, or just enjoying the peace and quiet, you can do it all right out your front door. This is a great place for the whole family to enjoy year after year. There is almost endless room to explore in the nearby Routt National Forest. No matter the time of year, there is always something to do while you are at Wilderness Ranch. Whether it is camping and horseback riding in the spring/summer, chasing trophy Elk, Mule Deer, and Bear in the fall, or snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in the beautiful white powder of winter, you will have a picturesque point to do it from. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to be in the Colorado wilderness, you will love the recreational opportunities  in the Wilderness Ranch Subdivision and the surrounding public lands.



Wilderness Ranch