Moffat County has had to implement budget cuts, due to reductions in revenue. One of the cost saving measures that has been implemented is a reorganization of the building department. Moffat County and the City of Craig have combined their building departments, effective February 1, 2017. Permits and inspections will be processed through the new combined Regional Building Dept. For more info, or to apply for a permit, please call or email the building official, Marlin Eckhoff at 970-826-2013


The annual Fall meeting for the association will be held on Friday, October 28 at 7: 00 p.m. Location is the Center of Craig, 6th & Yampa Ave, in Craig, CO. The ballots will be counted and tallied at this time. Please plan to attend!

Every landowner in the Wilderness Ranch Subdivision should have received their ballot for our upcoming election. If you did not receive a ballot, please make sure the association has a correct mailing address for you.

Reminder: ONLY members who have paid their 2016 dues will have their votes counted. This was mentioned on your ballot.  All received ballots are checked against our list of paid members, so we can verify dues are paid and the votes can be counted.  

We have already received several ballots from members whose dues have not been paid. These ballots will NOT be counted.

Also, we have also received ballots that were left unsigned. Since we cannot verify who sent in the ballot, or if their dues were paid, these ballots will NOT be counted.

Ballots will continue to be accepted until October 1, 2016. Any ballots received after that date will NOT be counted.


Wilderness Ranch Landowners Association

Annual Summer Meeting Minutes

July 2, 2016

Pres. Dave Watson called meeting to order at 12:18 p.m.

Board Members Present: Dave Watson, Pres; Vicki Burns, Sec/Tres; Ralph Stewart, Vice Pres. Directors Ron Spencer , Tom Cramer, & Gary Boehler

Dave asked for a motion to approve the Oct 16, 2015 general membership meeting minutes; a motion was made & seconded. Motion passed .

Report from Officers:

Dave reported that the boundary fence had been put back up with a section having been taken care of by one of the ranchers. The Association only had to pay for 15 miles of standing up the fence this year for a cost of $3,750.

Dave also reported that the trails had been cleared by several members, including Tom & Jesse Cramer, and that the fish delivery went well with 14 people there to help. Fish cost this year was $3,400 plus a delivery fee of $100 for a Saturday delivery. Dave noted that several other owners had fish delivered to their ponds, and they were asked to also chip in to the delivery man for coming on a Saturday.

Dave reported that there have been 5 new cabin building permits requested & approved for construction in the subdivision this summer.

Dave gave a brief update on the work to be done to get the permanent privy in place, and the issue of the covered pavilion to be constructed on the association lot #250.

After Dave’s report he introduced our guest speakers for the meeting:

KC Hume -Mo Co Sheriff and Jonathan Lambert with Co Div. of parks & Wildlife.

Both gentlemen thanked us for inviting them to come and make a presentation to our members.

The information they gave was both interesting and helpful in answering numerous questions from the members regarding issues of hunting from the roads, trespassing issues, winter patrol, wildfire prevention and wild game issues. Sheriff Hume encouraged everyone to register with the county for the reverse 911 calls for emergencies that happen in our area, so we can be alerted to life threatening issues in a timely manner.

Moffat Co Sheriff can be reached for additional info @ 970-824-4495

Division of Parks & Wildlife can be reached @ 970-878-6090

The group adjourned for lunch to finish business items before food got cold or too warm.

Sec. /Treas. Report Vicki handed out an Income & Expense statement from Jan.1 thru June 30, 2016. Amounts were explained and any specific numbers discussed.

As of June 30, 2016 balanced to the bank statement, we have $11,284.03 in the general account with all bills now paid. In addition, $3,494.18 is in our legal fund account, again balanced to the bank statement.

It was noted that we have not had to spend any of our legal fund in the past 12 months.

Vicki noted that a Nominating Committee needed to be formed to collect nominations from those members interested in running for election, for the upcoming election in October. There will be four 2 year Director positions open. Three members volunteered to serve, and they are as follows: Jenn Tonso, Jesse Cramer, & Don Benson. These members will take names and confirm the persons interested in serving, and get them back to Vicki no later than July 30, 2016. At that time, a ballot will be produced and sent out to all of the dues paid members to be returned no later than Sept. 30, 2016. This is so the votes for board members can be tallied and announced at the October meeting. (Date for that meeting to be set soon)

AS of the meeting date, Vicki reported that we had 254 paid members for 2016. We had 27 lots represented at this meeting and over 40 people and pets with us for lunch.

Old Business: Dave asked for any old business items to be brought up at this time.

Covenant violations were again discussed, and several items will be reported to the County building department again to have them deal with these issues.

New Business: Dave reported that the Association was approached by a lot owner in Filing 8 who wanted to sell his lot to the County, so the County could put in a gravel pit. This pit would be primary to servicing the roads in WR. The original lot where a gravel pit has been for over 30 years has been totally mined out of gravel, and the county is in need of another pit close to or in WR. The owner, with the help of the County Attorney, drafted an Amendment to the Covenants that are in place for filing #8. That, along with a letter of explanation to those owners in Filing #8, and a letter from the county road department, was sent out to all Filing #8 lot owners (whether members of this association or not), to get a vote to Amend the Covenants to allow the use of the particular lot to be for something other than a single family residence. The Covenants read that there needs to be 2/3 of the lot owners in any one filing to vote in favor of an amendment, for that amendment to pass and become part of the recorded documents that govern that particular filing within the subdivision.

Several owners spoke out against this amendment, due to the location of their lots in proximity to the proposed gravel pit, sighting the noise, dust and disturbance of wildlife migration in that area. While many

owners present were sympathetic to the issues, Only owners in Filing #8 get to vote on this issue.

The owner of the lot in question allowed the Land Owners Association to have the voting cards returned

to our post office box and held until the deadline of July 30, 2016. At that time all returned vote cards will be handed over to the County attorney for a final count of votes. Additionally, at that time Paul Drury, an owner in Filing #8 will be notified so he can be present for the vote count, along with the lot owners’ independent representative, who is not a lot owner in WR or a member of this board.


It was not mentioned, but if you have a family member or guest who is going to fish the ponds or hunt on the reserve, please tell them to carry a membership card with them (and a hunting/fishing license) and be with your guest so when the area is patrolled by Fish & Game Officers, so you or your guest will not be ticketed for trespassing. This is the only means of identification you have as a paid member of the land owners Association to identify yourself to law enforcements; it is also the way Fish & Game officials and law enforcement persons protect our private property rights to the reserve, and enforce State laws pertaining to individuals fishing or hunting without licensing & permits on private property. If you need a card with a spouse’s name or an adult child’s name on it, please make a note on your check or send a note with your check when you send in your dues payment.

If you need a membership card for the 2016 hunting season, please call 970-824-7087, or email a note to or stop by 840 W Victory Way, Craig, CO when you are in town to hunt. Please note your lot number on all requests.

It was mentioned that we have 24”x36” maps of Wilderness Ranch available for sale for $5.00; you can actually read the lot numbers and street names on these maps.

If you wish to have a map mailed to you, please send in $11.00 (to cover shipping costs) and we will mail you a map in a shipping tube. If you do not mind it being folded up to fit in a 9×11 envelope, the cost is only $10.00.

The Association again provided the meat and sandwich rolls for the potluck this year. We shared wonderful BBQ beef brisket & pork from Brothers Processing once again, and from the looks of the leftovers (not much of anything), everyone enjoyed the food and the information shared, as well as good company and conversation!

See You Next Year! July 1, 2017… Same Place … Same Time!

Have a great year!!

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns






The Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven directors elected by Association Members in good standing (members who have paid their $75 annual membership dues for the year of the election may hold office and vote).

The Board of Directors meets twice each year, in July and October, and as many times as necessary in between to conduct the business of the Association.

The meetings in July and October coincide with the general membership meetings held the same days.

If you have questions about the Association or need further information please contact the Directors at their email addresses listed below:

The current Board of Directors are:

Dave Watson     President –

Ralph Stewart   Vice President –

Vicki Burns     Secretary/Treasurer –

Ron Spencer     Board Member –

Tom Cramer      Board Member –

Guy Whitlock     Board

Gary Boehler    Board Member –