Wilderness Ranch Landowners Assn

Annual Fall Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2017

Pres. Dave Watson called meeting to order at 6:43 p.m.

Board Members present: Dave Watson, President, Guy Whitlock, & Vicki Burns

Board members with excused absences due to scheduling conflicts were Tom Cramer & Ralph Stewart


Dave asked that everyone in attendance introduce themselves and note what lot they owned.

Dave appointed two members to tally the ballots for the election of new board members.

There were three seats up for election and three candidates- thus, all three members were elected.

These three members are Dave Watson, Vicki Burns, and Paul Drury- each will serve a two year term.

A motion to approve the Annual Summer Meeting minutes was made, but due to a lack of a quorum, the minutes will be approved at the 2018 Annual Summer Meeting.

Sec/Treas. Report- A financial report was handed out. The 2nd page of the report showed in detail the repairs and maintenance line items for the year.

Both the general operating account and the legal fund account have been balanced to the September bank statements. Vicki noted there were no outstanding bills due for the association.

It was noted that as of 9/20/17, there were 270 lot owners that had paid their dues for 2017.

Old Business

An update was given on the responses received from the HOA attorney the board hired. The attorney was hired to bring our By-Laws into compliance with state CCIOA guidelines and requirements to make the necessary By-Laws corrections needed to remove inconsistencies, along with missing details that currently exist.

The attorney, Suzanne Leff, responded to numerous questions presented to her by board members.

Per legal counsel advisement, the board agreed to have the attorney draft a resolution for adoption addressing the issues noted, along with the following issues:

  • Date dues are due and the term for which that covers- Jan. 1 thru Dec. 31 of each year
  • Terms of each board member- 2 years
  • Correct number of total board members- seven (7)
  • The number of each board members elected each year- 3 in odd numbered years, and 4 in even numbered years
  • A policy for replacing a board member when (if) they resign or pass away, OR if a case may present itself that a board member has been found to be in violation of the By-Laws of the Association or the covenants of the subdivision, and has had ample time to correct such violation, but ignores or refuses to do so. In this case, the current board will appoint an owner in good standing to fulfill the remaining term of the board member who has resigned or passed away, or for whatever other reason cannot complete the term to which he/she was elected.
  • Set dates for Annual Summer & Fall Meetings- the summer meeting to be held the first Saturday in July, and the fall meeting date will vary according to hunting season dates, but will generally fall on a Saturday in early October
  • Notices for annual meetings to be mailed out by USPO- ballots for each year’s election to be mailed out by USPO, fall meeting notice and election ballot can be in one mailing to save the expenses of 2 mailings. Meeting notice can be a separate page from the ballot, if desired.

Discussion was also had on the following items:

Ongoing issues of illegal guide and outfitting within the subdivision boundaries

Ongoing issues of owners building cabins that don’t meet minimum square footage requirements

Ongoing issues with owners not getting proper permits for driveways or building structures

New Business

A presentation was made by Rick Henderson, a Biologist with the National Forest Service. Rick spoke about the fish testing and research of the fish species and population over the past few years in our creeks and streams, as well as the reasons why there are certain types of fish allowed in Willow Creek, located above County Rd 38.

The Division of Wildlife officers who were invited to the meeting could not attend, due to our meeting date conflicting with the opening day of a hunting season.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vicki Burns, Secretary/Treasurer












The Wilderness Ranch Land Owners Association is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven directors elected by Association Members in good standing (members who have paid their $75 annual membership dues for the year of the election may hold office and vote).

The Board of Directors meets twice each year, in July and October, and as many times as necessary in between to conduct the business of the Association.

The meetings in July and October coincide with the general membership meetings held the same days.

If you have questions about the Association or need further information please contact the Directors at their email addresses listed below:

The current Board of Directors are:

Dave Watson     President –

Ralph Stewart   Vice President –

Vicki Burns     Secretary/Treasurer –

Ron Spencer     Board Member –

Tom Cramer      Board Member –

Guy Whitlock     Board

Gary Boehler    Board Member –